Ruimeng Technology has been recognized as the Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang) Gazelle Enterprise of the Year for five consecutive years


        Recently, our company was recognized as the Gazelle Enterprise of the Year 2021. This is the Binjiang District government's full affirmation of Ruimeng's scientific and technological development speed, innovation ability and technical level and other strengths, which will bring greater development opportunities for the company.


     Gazelle enterprises refer to growth-oriented enterprises with fast growth rate, good development prospects, high technology content, and high-tech industries. Just like gazelles, they have strong growth potential and have the trend of leaping development.

     After more than ten years of rapid development, Ruimeng Technology has formed a series of products such as high-performance operational amplifiers, ADC/DAC, various interfaces, and motor drives. Innovation to provide customers with more competitive products and services. At present, the application scope of Ruimeng's products has covered many fields such as security monitoring, industrial control, instrumentation, medical electronics, vehicle and so on. In the future, with the support of government and industrial policies, Ruimeng Technology will continue to increase technological innovation, increase market development efforts, strive to improve overall competitiveness, and continue to contribute to the development of regional economy.